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Meet The Vamped Up Crew

Our hand picked team of entertainers and support crew.

Pamela Summers Aka. Vamp Barbie

Pamela Summers Aka. Vamp Barbie

CEO & Founder

Hello you Delightful pieces of Darkness., or use ( delicious pieces of delightfuls), I’m ^V^amp Barbie ~ Vee 

CEO, founder, managing director of Vamped Up! , Host, Actress, Entertainer, Dancer, singer/songwriter, composer.

I love the Howls & Growls of a lead guitar, & love chicks that shred! If you have a guitar I’ll be all over it & tech talking about your axe toys! 😉

Music bleeds into my veins since birth, family play instruments & constant music in my household., always played Loud & Proud! 

Music is the Blood coursing through my veins the Blood of My life ~ without Music I may as well be Dead. ^V^ee 💋🧛🏻‍♀️🖤🦇🩸

Zane Scaled

Zane Scaled

Technology & Gaming Reviews

Joe MacPhail

Joe MacPhail

Technology Director/Producer

Hello! I am Joe! You can find me behind the camera filming all of our crazy Vamped Up content and editing it all together! I’ve knew music was my path ever since I first listened to a Uriah Heap CD when I was 7 years old.

Aside from producing visual content, I am a musician mainly drumming in and producing my band The Vultures, as well as engineering out of Studio One16 on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s behind a drum kit on tour, in front of a studio recording console or on location shooting video, I love being creative and bringing artistic ideas to life!